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Self-Care Videos

VIDEO | 31:25
Video: Touch Therapy for Caregivers
Touch Therapy for Caregivers
Massage and touch can be important components of the healing process both during and after cancer treatment. A massage therapist from Memorial Sloan Kettering’s integrative medicine service gives a demonstration of different techniques that caregivers can use on their loved ones.
VIDEO | 33:00
Pictured: Yang Yang
Qigong for Cancer Survivors: An Introduction
Integrative medicine specialist Yang Yang describes the benefits of qigong for cancer survivors, and demonstrates exercises and meditation.
VIDEO | 12:00
Ting Bao
The Role of Integrative Therapy in Cancer Care
Breast medical oncologist and acupuncturist Ting Bao discusses the role of integrative therapies in the cancer setting.
VIDEO | 23:00
Video: Acupuncture in Cancer Care
Acupuncture in Cancer Care
Acupuncturist Jonathan Simon explains the science and theory behind the use of acupuncture for symptom relief.
VIDEO | 28:00
Pictured: Gary Deng
Complementary Therapies for Pain Management
Integrative medicine physician Gary Deng discusses complementary therapies for managing chronic pain.
VIDEO | 23:00
Donna Wilson
Exercise and Recovery
Fitness expert Donna Wilson emphasizes the importance of exercise in recovering from cancer treatment.
VIDEO | 28:00
Video: The Benefits of Medical Massage
The Benefits of Medical Massage
Massage therapist Michele Schuman discusses the use of massage to relieve pain and other symptoms.