Inflammatory Breast Cancer Team


A diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer often leads to significant fear and anxiety. It’s important that you see experts with extensive experience diagnosing and treating this rare type of breast cancer. 

At MSK, we have specialists dedicated to inflammatory breast cancer. The team includes a medical oncologist, a surgeon, and a radiation oncologist who specialize in caring for people with inflammatory breast cancer.

At your initial appointment at MSK, you will meet with your entire care team in one Friday afternoon. We will work with you to tailor an individualized care plan. We will also evaluate whether you are eligible for a clinical trial and provide guidance if you wish to enroll in one. 

We will be there for you on every step of your breast cancer journey.

Jacqueline F. Bromberg, MD, PhD
Jacqueline F. Bromberg
Memorial Sloan Kettering surgeon Audree Tadros
Audree B. Tadros

Jeanne A. Petrek Junior Faculty Chair

Memorial Sloan Kettering radiation oncologist Amy Xu
Amy Xu

Co-Director, Inpatient Radiation Oncology Consult (IROC) Service, Department of Radiation Oncology