Skin Cancer Management Program Experts

Skin Cancer Management Program Experts


Select from the list below to learn more about our Multidisciplinary Skin Cancer Management Program specialists, their education, training, board certifications, current publications, and specific areas of clinical expertise.

MSK dermatologic surgeon Jason Chen
Chih-Shan Jason Chen

Director, Dermatologic Surgery, Hauppauge

Liang Deng, MD, PhD
Liang Deng

Associate Attending Physician

Allan C. Halpern, MD
Allan C. Halpern

Chief, Dermatology Service; Associate Vice Chair, Promotions Advisory Committee, Department of Medicine

Memorial Sloan Kettering dermatologist Ashfaq Marghoob
Ashfaq A. Marghoob

Director, Clinical Dermatology, MSK Hauppauge

Medical Oncology
Sandra P. D'Angelo, MD
Sandra P. D'Angelo

Associate Attending Physician

Alan L. Ho, MD, PhD
Alan L. Ho

Associate Attending Physician

David G. Pfister, MD
David G. Pfister

Chief, Head and Neck Oncology Service; Associate Deputy Physician-in-Chief, Strategic Partnerships

Michael A. Postow, MD
Michael A. Postow

Chief, Melanoma Service; Co-Director, Melanoma Disease Management Team

Mohs Micrographic Surgery
Memorial Sloan Kettering dermatologist Erica Lee
Erica H. Lee

Associate Director, Mohs Micrographic and Dermatologic Surgery

Memorial Sloan Kettering Mohs surgeon Kishwer Nehal
Kishwer S. Nehal

Director, Mohs and Dermatologic Surgery

MSK dermatologic surgeon Anthony Rossi
Anthony Rossi

Assistant Attending Physician

Frances Walocko
Frances Walocko

Assistant Attending Dermatologist

MSK pathologist Klaus Busam
Klaus J. Busam

Director, Dermatopathology Service; Director, Dermatopathology Fellowship Program

MSK pathologist Melissa Pulitzer
Melissa P. Pulitzer

Attending Pathologist

Radiation Therapy
Memorial Sloan Kettering radiation oncologist Christopher Barker
Christopher A. Barker

Vice-Chair, Clinical Research, Department of Radiation Oncology; Director, Skin Cancer and Melanoma Radiation Oncology

Memorial Sloan Kettering nuclear physician Neeta Pandit-Taskar
Neeta Pandit-Taskar

Director, Nuclear Medicine Pediatrics

Hilda E. Stambuk, MD
Hilda E. Stambuk

Director, Head & Neck Imaging, Neuroradiology

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