Chemotherapy & Hormone Therapy for Uterine Sarcoma

Chemotherapy & Hormone Therapy for Uterine Sarcoma


Memorial Sloan Kettering specialists have extensive experience in chemotherapy and hormone therapy for uterine sarcoma. We can help identify the best treatment approach for you.

Chemotherapy for Uterine Sarcoma

Chemotherapy uses drugs to destroy cancer cells or to stop or slow their growth. We may recommend chemotherapy if your tumor is advanced (has spread beyond the uterus) or if the disease has come back after being treated.

We may also recommend chemotherapy for women with the following types of uterine sarcoma: 

  • Leiomyosarcoma
    MSK is leading the way in finding new treatments for leiomyosarcoma. One of those is a combination of two chemotherapy drugs, gemcitabine and docetaxel. It has been shown in national clinical trials to be highly effective for women with leiomyosarcoma whose cancer has spread (metastasized) and cannot be removed surgically. This regimen is now a standard of treatment around the world.
  • Carcinosarcoma
    For women with carcinosarcoma, we may recommend chemotherapy even if the cancer is still at an early stage and within the uterus.

Hormone Therapy for Uterine Sarcoma

Hormone therapy uses substances that prevent cancer cells from getting or using the hormones they may need to grow.

Our team has extensive experience in using hormone therapy to treat women with all types of this rare cancer. We may recommend a hormone-blocking drug if we determine that the type of uterine sarcoma you have is likely to get better with this approach. 

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