Follow-Up Care & Support for Uterine Sarcoma

Follow-Up Care & Support for Uterine Sarcoma


At Memorial Sloan Kettering, it’s one of our priorities to continue to check in with you once your active treatments are over. We want to be sure you’re healing well and managing any side effects, and to watch for any signs that your cancer is returning.

As part of our medical follow-up care for uterine sarcoma, we may schedule periodic:

  • physical exams
  • pelvic exams
  • imaging scans

If you had carcinosarcoma, we may perform a blood test for CA-125 to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment. (CA-125 is a protein released by some uterine and ovarian cancer cells.)

Gynecologic Cancer Survivors Support Group

Led by social workers and nurses, we discuss such topics as managing post-treatment side effects, telling friends and family about cancer, and fear of recurrence. Visit our calendar for information about upcoming meetings.

Some treatments for uterine sarcoma can cause the early onset of menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, drying or thinning of vaginal tissues or the bladder, insomnia, fatigue, and memory problems. We provide counseling and treatment to help you manage these symptoms.

We also offer comprehensive follow-up care for people who’ve been treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering as part of our institution-wide Survivorship Initiative.

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