Women in Science and Medicine at MSK

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Behind the Scenes of Our Cover Shoot

Women leaders from across MSK gathered in May 2018 for a photo shoot for the cover of our flagship publication, MSK News. They told us about their challenges and successes as well as their hopes for women in their fields.
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You may have noticed, but just in case you haven’t: Women are having a moment. They are shifting the conversation, heightening awareness of the importance of representation in all levels of lead­ership, from science and medicine to government and the arts. As you’ll see on the back cover of this issue, MSK has benefited from more than a century’s worth of formidable women, starting with one of its founders. Though seismic changes have occurred throughout that time, much remains to be done. In this special issue, we highlight a small but impactful set of female leaders at MSK who represent a much larger group of their peers throughout the institution. Some are part of the first generation of female doctors and scientists to make their mark. Some are following behind those women, blazing the trail farther and wider. But each of them, in their own way, is making progress happen. Their momentum is much like their force of will — that is to say, unstoppable.

Who’s Who on the Cover

MSK News June 2018 Cover

Seated on floor, from left: Catherine Finlayson, clinical nurse; Lydia Finley, lab head, Cell Biology Program, SKI; Jennifer Cracchiolo, head and neck surgeon. Second row, sitting, from left: Janet McKiernan, nurse practitioner; Adrienne Boire, neuro-oncologist and lab head, Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program; Viviane Tabar, Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery; Monica Morrow, Chief of the Breast Surgical Service; Mary Baylies, lab head, Developmental Biology Program, SKI. Third row, from left: Marilyn Resh, lab head, Cell Biology Program, SKI; Tracy-Ann Moo, breast surgeon (seated); Kathryn Anderson, Chair of the Developmental Biology Program, SKI; Donna Braccia, clinical nurse; Claire Friedman, medical oncologist; Carol Brown, gynecologic surgeon and Director of the Office of Diversity Programs in Clinical Care, Research, and Training; Mary Sue Brady, surgeon; Mary Corwin, clinical nurse; Lisa DeAngelis, Chair of the Department of Neurology (seated). Top row: Yael David, lab head, Chemical Biology Program, SKI; Elizabeth Jewell, Director of Surgery at MSK Monmouth and MSK Basking Ridge; Ginger Gardner, gynecologic surgeon; Sincere McMillan, nurse practitioner.