Geriatric Service


Older adults with cancer face unique challenges. These may include an increased risk of drug reactions, financial burdens, and caregiver stress. Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) is committed to providing older patients with the treatment, facilities, and support they need. We work with our patients’ primary care doctors to ensure that there is open communication about treatment and continuity of care.

The specialists in the Geriatric Service consult with MSK oncology teams on the treatment of their older patients. As geriatricians we are trained to look for subtleties in how older adults respond to cancer treatments. We advise on what precautions may need to be taken before, during, and after treatment, and can identify symptoms that are common in older adults but may present in unusual ways.

Both inpatients and outpatients can be referred to the Geriatric Service. We also offer a variety of educational programs to older adults and their caregivers and families. Learn more about the programs at MSK and in the community.

Our Clinicians

  • Katherine Romano, RN
  • Carol Koehne, RN
  • Maureen Healy, RN
  • Melanie Harold, RN
  • Heidi Yulico, GNP-BC

Educational Activities

The Geriatric Service offers courses and online modules to all healthcare professionals interested in the care of older adults with cancer. Visit Education and Training Programs to learn more about our educational opportunities. 

Cancer and Aging Interprofessional Team

MSK has assembled an interdisciplinary group known as the Cancer and Aging Interprofessional Team (CAIT) that meets regularly to share clinical insights, new research, and collaboration opportunities in the overall care of the older adult. This team includes oncologists, geriatricians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, dieticians, psychiatrists, a pharmacist, and physical and occupational therapists.