Division of Subspecialty Medicine

Division of Subspecialty Medicine

James A. Fagin, MD

James A. Fagin, MD, is Head of the Division of Subspecialty Medicine.

The Division of Subspecialty Medicine in the Department of Medicine provides general medical care to patients undergoing cancer treatment at MSK. Our physicians and other specialists focus on the preventing the complications of cancer treatment, as well as treating and monitoring preexisting conditions patients may have such as heart, lung, and kidney problems and diabetes.

Our division is made up of the following nine services:

  • Cardiology Service
  • Dermatology Service
  • Endocrine Service
  • Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition Service
  • Geriatrics Service
  • Infectious Diseases Service
  • Integrative Medicine Service
  • Pulmonary Service
  • Renal Service

James A. Fagin, MD, leads the Division of Subspecialty Medicine. Dr. Fagin is an endocrinologist, internist, and physician-scientist reputed for his expertise in defining the pathogenesis of thyroid cancer, the role of oncogenic kinases in driving transformation, and in delineating targeted therapies for the most advanced forms of the disease. His group pioneered the development of redifferentiation approaches to restore responses to radioiodine therapy. Dr. Fagin’s research group in the James Fagin Lab at MSK has been instrumental in characterizing somatic genetic changes associated with tumor initiation and progression in radiation-induced and sporadic thyroid cancer, and in defining their functional consequences.

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