Integrative Medicine Service

Integrative Medicine Service


The Integrative Medicine Service provides evidence-based complementary therapies to improve our patients’ experiences, physical outcomes, emotional wellness, and quality of life. 

Our diverse multidisciplinary team includes medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy, creative arts therapies, mind-body therapies, and exercise. We offer a patient-centered approach that evaluates and helps people manage the emotional burden of their diagnosis and complications that arise from cancer treatment. 

Our team of experts provides nurturing therapies that address chronic issues such as pain, neuropathy, fatigue and insomnia, stress, anxiety, mobility, and more. 

Since 1999, our Integrative Medicine Service has been leading the field in innovative, patient-centered research. Our doctors and researchers studying how integrative therapies can be used to better control or reduce the side effects of cancer treatment. 

Through activities like fellowships, onsite training programs, online courses, and our award-winning About Herbs library, we teach and train health care providers about best clinical practices, and the value of integrative medicine in cancer care.

About Herbs
Explore MSK’s award-winning About Herbs online library and mobile app for objective information on the potential benefits and risks of using dietary supplements and herbal products.

Continuing Education & Training
Our online continuing education courses and onsite training opportunities prepare doctors, acupuncturists, nurses, and integrative health specialists to practice evidence-based integrative cancer care in their local community. MSK faculty members design every program with your needs — and those of people with cancer everywhere — in mind.

Refer a Patient
Find out how to refer a patient to MSK’s team of integrative medicine doctors and therapists, who provide a spectrum of care to people with cancer.

Research & Clinical Trials
Discover how MSK helps move the field of integrative oncology forward through high-quality studies, many of which are open at any given time.