Bridge to Biostats Programs


 Ongoing Events

  • Spring Semester 2021: BEAM Biostats Enrichment Course
    We have partnered with BEAM (Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics) to offer a class to high school students in the BEAM Saturday enrichment program this semester. Our 12-week class running from February – May 2021 is called “Data Literacy and (Bio)Statistical Thinking.”

Upcoming Events

  • March 2021: Einstein Enrichment Program Biostats Days
    We will present our Biostats Day program to Einstein Enrichment Program students on March 16 & March 18, 2021.

Contact us if you are interested to learn more about organizing a Biostats Day program for your students.

Biostats Day

Biostats Day

“Biostats Day” is a 1 to 1 ½-hour long biostatistics exposure program that we offer to partner organizations to provide an engaging introduction to the field. It is currently an online program but, when feasible, we will convert it to an in-person event so we can host students at our office, and they can experience a biostatistics work environment. The program consists of the following sections:


Broad definition of biostatistics and exploration of what the actual work of a biostatistician entails.

Statistical Activities

Discussion and exploration of statistical concepts.

  • A discussion of data visualization featuring the “What’s Going on in this Graph?” collection from the New York Times’ collaboration with the American Statistical Association.
  • “Statistical thinking” exercises which incorporate student data and update in real-time.
  • “Population vs Sample Mean” demonstration exploring the concept of sampling error.
  • “The F Test” activity, which explores measurement error. Participants count the number of F’s in a paragraph in a 2-minute timeframe.

Meet the Biostatistician

One or two professional biostatisticians (both masters and doctoral level) will describe the paths that led them from high school to their current positions, and present a relatable project with accompanying visuals.

Next Steps

A discussion of resources and recommendations for students interested in learning more about a career in biostatistics.

BEAM Enrichment Class

Bridge to Biostats is teaching a biostatistics enrichment class in Spring 2021 in the BEAM Next program, which offers a range of prep and STEM enrichment classes to BEAM high school students every Saturday throughout the school year. Past enrichment classes have included Python programming, graph theory, data science, finance, and evolution. Learn more about BEAM.

Our 1 ½-hour class will run for 12 Saturdays and will focus on data literacy and fundamental biostatistical thinking.

Summer Exposure Program (SEP)

Through a partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Office of Diversity Programs, we will host a cohort of 4-5 biostatistics-focused students in MSK’s five-week online 2021 Summer Exposure Program designed to expose and provide support to underrepresented minority high school students to careers in health professions.

Past Events
  • December 2020: BEAM 8th Grade + High School Biostats Day
    Sammi Brown and Jessica Lavery led the second BEAM Biostats Day program for 8th grade and high school students.  At the start of the program, 33% of the students had heard of biostatistics, and at the end of the program 90% were interested in learning more.

Second BEAM Biostats Day program for 8th grade and high school students Zoom

  • October 2020: BEAM High School Biostats Day
    Jessica Flynn and Stephanie Lobaugh presented an introduction to biostatistics to 20+ high school students in New York City and Los Angeles. At the start of the program, 20% of the students had heard of biostatistics, and at the end of the program 70% were interested in learning more.
  • September 2020: StatFest
    The Bridge to Biostats committee organized a virtual booth to provide information about opportunities in Biostatistics to undergraduate students at the annual StatFest expo. StatFest is a conference aimed at encouraging undergraduate students who are members of historically underrepresented groups to pursue careers and graduate studies in the statistical sciences.
  • August 2020: BEAM Career Day
    Jessica Lavery and Sujata Patil presented their paths to careers in biostatistics to middle school students through a career day organized by BEAM.