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Total: 189 Research Biographies

The Nikolaus Schultz Lab

Adam Abeshouse

Bioinformatics Software Engineer I

Health Outcomes

Nate Aiken

Data Analyst

Administrative Resources

Farheen Ajmeri

Financial Analyst

The Elli Papaemmanuil Lab

Juan Arango Ossa

Bioinformatics Engineer I Juan E. Arango, is a Bioinformatics Engineer in Elli Pappaemanuil's lab. It's main goal within the team is to provide active support to research proje...

The Nikolaus Schultz Lab

Joshua Armenia

Research Fellow


Arshi Arora, MS Biostatistics, MS Comp Biology

Research Biostatistician

Health Outcomes

Melissa Assel

Research Biostatistician II

The Barry Taylor Lab

Saurabh Asthana, PhD

Research Associate

Health Outcomes

Emeline Aviki, MD, MBA


Health Outcomes

Peter B. Bach, MD, MAPP

Director, Center for Health Policy and Outcomes [msk-node-teaser:103944 right] Peter B. Bach, Director of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Center for Health Policy and Outcomes, is a physician, epidemio...