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The Sohrab Shah Lab
Kevin Boehm
Graduate Research Student
Computational Oncology
Francisco Sanchez-Vega
Assistant Attending
Francisco Sanchez-Vega is an Assistant Attending Computational Oncologist in the Colorectal Cancer Service of the Department of Surgery with a secondar...
The Nikolaus Schultz Lab
Adam Abeshouse
Bioinformatics Software Engineer
The Sohrab Shah Lab
Douglas Abrams
Bioinformatics Software Engineer I
Health Outcomes
Nate Aiken
Senior Data Analyst
Emily Ali
Research Technician
The Irene Orlow Lab
Emily Ali
Research Technician
The Nikolaus Schultz Lab
Mirella Lorrainy Altoe
Research Fellow
The Elli Papaemmanuil Lab
Juan E. Arango-Ossa
Bioinformatics Engineer III
Juanes is a Bioinformatics Engineer in Elli Pappaemanuil’s lab. His main goal within the team is to provide active support to research projec...
Andrea Arfe, PhD
Assistant Attending Biostatistician
Current Research Interest Dr. Arfè’s research interests include statistical decision theory, Bayesian analysis, and reinforcement learning. Dr. Arfè...