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The Sohrab Shah Lab
Kevin Boehm
Graduate Research Student
MSK Computational Oncology Department & Staff
Francisco Sanchez-Vega
Assistant Attending, Computational Oncologist
Francisco Sanchez-Vega is an Assistant Attending Computational Oncologist in the Colorectal Cancer Service of the Department of Surgery, and is affilia...
The Nikolaus Schultz Lab
Adam Abeshouse
Bioinformatics Software Engineer
The Sohrab Shah Lab
Douglas Abrams
Bioinformatics Software Engineer I
The Nikolaus Schultz Lab
Sharafudeen Abubakar
Research Fellow
Immune Monitoring
Matthew Adamow
Technical Research Specialist
The Nikolaus Schultz Lab
Tejiri Agbamu
GSK Graduate Student
The Jian Carrot-Zhang Lab
Tejiri Agbamu, BS
GSK Graduate Student
FellowshipRobert B. Catell Fellowship (2023-2024)...
The Benjamin Greenbaum Lab
Samuel Ahuno
Graduate Research Assistant