Division of Translational Oncology

Division of Translational Oncology


The Division of Translational Oncology was created to spearhead basic and translational research within the Department of Radiation Oncology.

The goals of the division are to accelerate discoveries in the lab pertaining to cancer genomics, radiogenomics, genomic instability, and mechanisms of cellular response to radiation and other cancer therapeutics.

Our investigators focus on translating key discoveries in the lab into innovative clinical trials using radiotherapy and combined-modality treatments.


Research projects
  • Defining the molecular determinants of immunotherapy efficacy. We are using genomic approaches to determine why patients are sensitive or resistant to immune checkpoint blockade.
  • Elucidating the drivers of metastasis
  • Characterizing the different roles of Rad51 mediators
  • Studying DNA replication and recombination, chromosome dynamics, and human genetics
  • Applying high-throughput sequencing technologies for cancer biomarker discovery and diagnostics
  • Studying the genomics of head and neck cancers and radiation response
  • Researching radiogenomics
  • Identifying how long noncoding RNAs control cellular behavior in response to stressors such as DNA damage and oncogene expression through the use of a combination of biochemistry, cellular biology, mouse genetics, and functional genomics
  • Studying mechanisms of radiation-induced damage and the clinical basis of radiation resistance

April Due
Program Assistant - Radiation Oncology
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