Workshops and Courses

Workshops and Courses

An MSK classroom

We offer more than 50 workshops and courses per year to help trainees build the skills they need to be successful scientists. Topics change regularly to reflect the needs of the postdoc population.

Recent workshops and courses include:

Career Exploration Events

  • Roundtable networking events with MSK alumni who have transitioned into exciting careers
  • Webinars that explore career options outside of New York City
  • The Annual Tri-I Career Symposium
  • Site visits to companies that regularly hire our postdocs and students
  • Academic Job Search Bootcamp

Professional Development Workshops

  • Funding for postdoc research
  • Communicating science to a lay audience
  • Networking for scientists
  • Time and project management
  • Leadership for scientists 
  • Introduction to undergraduate science teaching
  • Transitioning to research independence
  • Mock chalk talks
  • Nonacademic job searches
  • Interviewing and negotiating basics
  • Converting a CV into a resume

Scientific Skill-Building Classes

  • Animal models of cancer
  • Differential gene expression analysis with R
  • Image handling and analysis
  • Best practices in programming for reproducibility in science
  • Intro to proteomics
  • Foundations of Data Science
  • Flow cytometry from basics to multicolor and mutichannel
  • High throughput image analysis and screening