Chemical biologist Yael David with research fellow Rasmus Pihl

Chemical biologist Yael David with research fellow Rasmus Pihl

Creating an Individual Development Plan
Here are some suggested topics for your annual review with your mentor.
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Mentoring is an essential aspect of postdoctoral training at MSK. A successful postdoc-mentor relationship should include regular conversations about the progress of specific research projects as well as career goals and how to achieve them.

Lab Heads

Some mentors and postdocs chat daily about career goals, others less frequently. In order to support the critical mentoring relationship between a postdoc and their mentor, MSK requires postdocs to meet annually with their lab head prior to the renewal of their postdoctoral appointment. 

The objectives of the annual meeting are to:

  • review the progress of research projects
  • discuss career goals
  • evaluate skills and accomplishments necessary to achieving those goals

There is no required format for the meeting. However, MSK uses find it helpful to create an individual development plan (IDP)/mentoring document to guide the conversation about professional development needs and career objectives.

Postdoctoral Research Advisors

Postdocs can also seek guidance from designated postdoctoral research advisors. These experienced members of the research community are available to provide counsel on academic and career development issues, as well as matters relating to policies and procedures.