MSK, a Member of U.S.-Australia Alliance in Cancer Research and Treatment

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Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) is a member of the U.S.-Australia Cancer Consortium, a public-private partnership that was formed after President Biden and Prime Minister Albanese announced a cooperation in innovative technologies.

The consortium kicked off 2024 with a meeting to determine the first collaboration opportunities.

MSK’s Role in the U.S.-Australia Cancer Consortium

MSK is proud to be part of the U.S.-Australia Cancer Consortium and the efforts will be boosted by a remarkable $20 million gift made by Australian philanthropists Gregory John Poche and Kay Van Norton Poche. The family’s generosity has allowed MSK to establish the Gregory John Poche and Kay Van Norton Poche Initiative for Clinical Trials Access in Sydney and the Gregory John Poche and Kay Van Norton Poche Fellowship Fund at MSK.

What goals does the alliance have in improving cancer treatment?

This alliance will focus on pioneering cancer care collaboration, including:

  • International data sharing with a cloud-based system for collaborative research
  • Liquid biopsy as a leapfrog technology to expand access to clinical trials
  • Paradigm shifting early intervention clinical trials
  • Remote radiation oncology
  • International molecular tumor board
  • Educational and training initiatives

Who will benefit from this alliance?

The consortium will address the disparities in cancer burden, screening, diagnosis, and treatment outcomes, especially among indigenous populations and underserved minorities in the U.S. and Australia.

The alliance’s efforts will address the issue of communities with poor access to the best possible therapies. This partnership represents a monumental step towards innovative cancer treatment approaches and a commitment to equitable healthcare solutions globally.

Who are all the members of the U.S.-Australia Cancer Consortium?

This multi-stakeholder private-public alliance includes representatives from the White House Cancer Moonshot, Australia’s NSW Government and national science agency CSIRO, International Cancer Coalition, Asia Society, Bloomberg New Economy, McKinsey, Royal North Shore Hospital and Ramsay Health Care.