Spiritual & Religious Care

Spiritual & Religious Care

MSK Chaplaincy Services

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To speak with a chaplain, call Spiritual Care Services at 212-639-5982. Evenings or weekends, contact the hospital operator at 212-639-7900 to ask for the chaplain on call.

At Memorial Sloan Kettering, we recognize that pain and illness may lead to feelings of profound doubt about fundamental beliefs and cause questions about the meaning of life. Our Spiritual Care Services offers spiritual care to address these and other questions of identity, meaning, purpose, value, and worth – that may or may not be expressed in religious terms.

We welcome anyone requesting spiritual support, regardless of formal religious affiliation or background, and will keep your contact with us confidential at all times.

We encourage you to draw on your own resources when experiencing spiritual distress, such as family and faith communities. In addition, our chaplains are available to:

  • Listen to your concerns about illness or hospitalization without judgment
  • Help support family members experiencing feelings of grief and loss
  • Provide you with a comforting presence
  • Assist with end-of-life decisions
  • Pray with you
  • Contact community clergy or faith groups on your behalf

Spiritual Care Services provides multi-faith support and also coordinates with religious clergy to provide for specific faith-based needs such as communion, the use of Shabbat candles, and access to religious worship services.

Services we provide

Request a Visit with a Chaplain

Our board-certified chaplains work closely with the interdisciplinary care teams on each floor of the hospital. They are available to provide patients and their families and friends with emotional and spiritual support in accordance with each person’s wishes.

To arrange for a visit from one of our chaplains, or from a local clergy, please contact:

Paul Yoon, Program Coordinator
Spiritual Care 
Room C170 (west hallway off main lobby)
Monday through Sunday, to

Interfaith Calendar

We live in a beautiful, diverse world, and almost each day of the year is a sacred time for someone, somewhere.

Please note that Jewish and Muslim holidays start at sunset the day before the date listed and continue until sunset of the next day. Also, due to Islam’s use of the lunar calendar, some dates will be confirmed closer to the holiday.

Community Resources



Please click on this asset map to see the resources available near the MSKCC Main Campus: religious organizations, lodging, food meeting religious dietary needs, bereavement centers and other resources you might find useful.

  • Blue markers — religious organizations
  • Red markers — lodging
  • Green markers — transportation
  • Light blue markers — hospitals and urgent care centers
  • Yellow markers — food meeting religious dietary needs
  • Purple markers — healing institutions, bereavement centers and yoga