Social Work Experts

Our social workers are available to assist you and your family with the emotional, social, and physical impact of cancer. We provide counseling to help improve communication with family and friends and can assist with the emotional impact of the diagnosis and medical treatment. We also offer practical assistance, including information on MSK and community resources. We have multiple programs and groups that we conduct in both inpatient and outpatient settings, addressing topics such as a particular diagnosis and post-treatment adjustment. 

We’re here for you throughout your care, from the point of diagnosis throughout survivorship. For assistance, please contact the department at 212-639-7020.

Director of Social Work

Pictured: Penelope Damaskos

Penelope Damaskos

Director, Social Work

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Please call the Department of Social Work at 212-639-7020 for assistance.

Janine Genovese

Janine Genovese

Sara N. Toth

Sara N. Toth

Clinical Social Worker