Understanding Physician (Doctor) and Hospital (Facility) Bills

Understanding Physician (Doctor) and Hospital (Facility) Bills

This guide will help you understand how Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) bills for our services. It will tell you about our bills for physician (doctor) and hospital (facility) services.

You may get bills from both our Patient Accounts Department and our Physician Billing Department. There are many kinds of treatment at MSK sites. During a visit, you may see your doctor, get a diagnostic test, and have an outpatient procedure.

For many services, you will get 2 bills. One is for hospital services, and the other for doctor services. For example, if you have an x-ray, you will get a hospital bill for MSK’s cost of providing this service. You will also get a physician bill for the services of the doctor who reviews your x-ray.

Hospital Bills

Hospital bills are for the hospital facility costs of your care. This can include supplies, equipment, and any tests you have. It can include the cost of outpatient clinic services. It can include the cost of services from technicians, nurses, and other members of your care team who are not doctors. You will see these hospital charges on a bill sent to you from our Patient Accounts Department.

Physician (Doctor) Bills

Physician (doctor) bills are for the time and expertise of our doctors. This includes your exam or consultation. You will see these charges on a bill sent to you from our Physician Billing Department.

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