Neuroblastoma Clinical Trials & Research

Neuroblastoma Clinical Trials & Research


Memorial Sloan Kettering has been at the forefront of developing innovative pediatric treatments that prolong survival for people with neuroblastoma but don’t cause debilitating long-term side effects.

Through clinical trials, our medical experts evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new therapies and diagnostic tools for neuroblastoma. Clinical trials can also help our doctors compare the effectiveness of different aspects of your child’s care or determine the causes of neuroblastoma.

Children eligible to participate in a clinical trial may have access to new therapies that are not yet available elsewhere. Our clinical research team is highly experienced in selecting children who are most likely to benefit from a particular investigational therapy. They can guide you through the process of choosing the most appropriate clinical trial for your child’s needs.

One of our approaches has been to take advantage of new drugs already in clinical trials for adult patients. Some of these drugs can enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy without added side effects, especially in patients with disease that has become resistant to standard treatment. Other therapies are made to block the ability of neuroblastoma cells to spread.

We are in a better position than ever before to advance our understanding of neuroblastoma.
Nai-Kong V. Cheung Pediatric Oncologist

We’re also exploring cancer vaccines to train the body’s immune system to fight cancer. These vaccines instruct the immune cells to recognize and destroy existing cancer cells and any that may subsequently develop. Other approaches we’ve worked on include different variations of immunotherapies, newer versions of antibody therapies, and the use of immune cell–based therapies such as natural killer (NK) cells. Treatments for neuroblastoma that has spread to the brain have also been a focus.

Our investigators are translating their work in the lab into new options for our young patients, and our experiences with patients are incorporated back into our work in the lab. This allows us to offer the most promising new treatments to children through clinical trials.

To learn more about our current clinical trials for neuroblastoma, choose from the list below.

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