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Chairman, Attending Biostatistician

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University of Glasgow, UK

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Dr. Begg is interested in cancer epidemiology, health services research, clinical trials, and the statistical methods that support scientific studies in these disciplines.  In recent years he has been pursuing the idea that cancer risk can be uniquely informed by studying patients with multiple primary malignancies. Currently his work on this topic is focused on three areas. In the first, he is developing models for estimating the cancer risks of rare genetic variants. In the second area he has been developing statistical techniques for clonality assessment, used to distinguish independent second primary cancers from metastases on the basis of the somatic molecular profiles of the tumors. In the third area of investigation, he is developing methods for using somatic profiles of double primary malignancies to make inferences of about the etiologic heterogeneity of tumor sub-types. He collaborates closely with various other members of the department on these projects, notably Drs Bernstein, Capanu, Ostrovnaya and Seshan.

Mutations that cause cancer: A Q&A session with Drs. Marinela Capanu and Colin Begg


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Begg CB, Rice MS, Zabor EC, Tworoger SS. Examining the common etiology of serous ovarian cancers and basal-like breast cancers using double primaries. British Journal of Cancer 2017, in press. 

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