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Erin E. Salo-Mullen, MS, CGC

Pictured: Erin Salo-Mullen



I am a genetic counselor who specializes in caring for and advising patients and families who may have an inherited predisposition to gastrointestinal cancers. I work directly with the three gastrointestinal cancer registries at Memorial Sloan Kettering: the Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Family Registry, the Early-Onset and Familial Gastric Cancer Registry, and the Pancreatic Tumor Registry.

In addition to my clinical work and research in cancer genetics, I am interested in studying public health topics related to genetic conditions.

Clinical Expertise

Genetic Predisposition to Cancer; Cancer Risk Counseling; Cancer Genetics Clinical Research


MS, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and M. D. Anderson Cancer Center


American Board of Genetic Counseling