Making an Appointment with the Clinical Genetics Service

Making an Appointment with the Clinical Genetics Service


Our team of cancer-focused genetic counselors is the heart of the CGS. Everyone who comes through our clinic is assigned to a genetic counselor and is required to meet with them before meeting with one of our doctors.

This includes one-on-one consultations, family consultations, telemedicine consultations, and online previsit educational questionnaires.

How to make an appointment with the MSK Clinical Genetics Service

To contact MSK’s CGS, to make an appointment, or to learn more, call 646-888-4050. MSK patients can also contact CGS through the MyMSK portal at Clinical Genetics.

For consultations to provide the most benefit, the CGS team has a step-by-step process for reviewing cases to ensure that you will see the best person.

Referrals: Referrals may be made by your MSK doctor or a doctor at another institution.

Your first step

If you have not been referred by an MSK doctor, Complete the Genetic risk assessment

This questionnaire is completed by you and sent to the CGS. You’ll need to login to MyMSK or sign up for a MyMSK account to access it.

When signing up for MyMSK after accepting the terms of use, be sure to choose the bottom option: “I am not an MSK patient or caring for an MSK patient. I do not have an appointment at MSK.”

What happens next

Based on your answers to the genetic risk assessment, we will determine next steps. 

You will need to provide any requested medical records, including previous genetic test results for both you and your family members, and relevant pathology reports.

The CGS team reviews the questionnaire and medical records. This process may take a few weeks and may result in a request for more information.

Scheduling your first appointment

The CGS team will reach out to you either by telephone or the MyMSK patient portal to offer scheduling options.

 Appointments may be held in-person at one of our MSK sites or via telemedicine, depending upon various factors.

Clinical Genetics Service locations

CGS’s main office is at 222 East 70th Street in Manhattan.

We also offer consultations at many other Manhattan locations, including Memorial Hospital, the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center, the Rockefeller Outpatient Pavilion,

Outside of Manhattan, MSK’s has regional sites in: