Karissa Whiting, MS

Research Biostatistician


Columbia University

Current Research Interest

Karissa Whiting joined Memorial Sloan Kettering in 2018, following 4 years of experience in design, development, and validation of digital surveillance tools for assessing emerging infectious disease threats.  At MSKCC, her research focuses on leveraging multi-modal genomic, radiology and pathology data to characterize cancer risk and predict clinical outcomes. She primarily collaborates with oncologists and surgeons in the bladder cancer, sarcoma and colorectal services, and works with the hospital infectious disease team to monitor and assess the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Karissa has experience in design, implementation and analysis of clinical trials, as well as retrospective and prospective observational studies.  She is also interested in creating software tools to help researchers build reproducible analysis pipelines when working with genomic and clinical data and maintains the cbioportalR and gnomeR packages.


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  3. Sjoberg, D. D., Whiting, K., Curry, M., Lavery, J. A., & Larmarange, J. (2021). Reproducible Summary Tables with the gtsummary Package. R Journal13(1).

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