Kechna Cadet, MPH

Kechna Cadet

Kechna Cadet, MPH is a current PhD student on a NIDA funded T32 training grant at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health where she is using social epidemiological methodologies to examine socio-contextual risk factors for intravenous drug abuse, HIV, and homelessness within the Baltimore area. She was recently a NIDA R25 research scholar examining sex-differences and the impact of dual substance use on decision-making and delay discounting among cannabis+stimulant users compared to mono-cannabis users and drug naïve control. Research interests include racial, ethnic, and gender disparities within the field of addiction, polysubsubstance use, decision-making and risk perception, and addiction research in community settings. Kechna was previously a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Genomics, Risk, and Health Decision-Making Lab.