Lillian Rodich, MSPAS, MPH

Physician Assistant
Lillian Rodich



Appointments for New Patients


I am a physician assistant (PA) on the Integrative Medicine team and have spent my whole career as a PA caring for patients with cancer. I have a background in nutrition and enjoy using my expertise in this area to emphasize how diet, lifestyle, and wellness can affect the health of patients with a history of cancer or patients receiving active therapy for cancer.

I approach every visit with a holistic point of view that keeps in mind the patient, their lifestyle, and their treatment preferences. This helps me to provide patients a well-rounded and comprehensive consultation. I also discuss stress management, exercise, and sleep with my patients, as these all play a large role in a person’s overall wellness.

As a part of the Integrative Medicine team, I suggest and offer complementary therapies when appropriate, such as acupuncture, herbs and supplements, and massage therapy. I may also recommend mind-body therapies, including meditation practices, yoga, and exercise regimens that best fit the patient’s lifestyle and needs. My goal is to use integrative medicine with conventional therapies to enhance my patient’s physical and mental well-being, helping them to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Clinical Expertise

Nutrition, BMT, Integrative Medicine

Languages Spoken

English; Bosnian; Croatian; Serbian


MSPAS, MPH, Touro University, California;
Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences, University of Arizona



Degrees and Licensures