Melanoma Clinical Trials & Research

One of the many benefits we can offer our patients is the chance to participate in clinical trials, which are research studies that test the safety and effectiveness of new ways to diagnose and treat cancer. At any given time, our investigators are conducting hundreds of trials. If you’re eligible to take part, you may have access to new options that aren’t widely available elsewhere.

Through our research, we’ve made enormous strides in treating melanoma, dramatically improving the chance for survival and a high quality of life for many people with the illness. Many of our patients choose to take part in these studies.

As a result of clinical trial findings, MSK has made major advances in two areas in particular: the development of immunotherapies that boost your immune system’s ability to fight cancer, such as ipilimumab (Yervoy™), and targeted therapies that home in on specific defects in your individual cancer, blocking the growth of cancer cells while sparing most normal, healthy cells.

We continue to conduct trials with ipilimumab and other experimental immunotherapies and targeted therapies, and we are experts at selecting the investigational therapies most likely to benefit you.

Review the list of current studies below to learn more about a particular study.

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