QSURE Alumni


2019 Fellows


Tony Chen

Tony Chen
Mentor: Chaya Moskowitz

Tony Chen is a rising senior at Princeton University, studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering, and is from Germantown, TN. He hopes to pursue a career in biostatistics research, and enjoys dancing and playing the piano on the side. 

Project: Characterizing Longitudinal Breast Imaging Features in CT Scans


Hannah Fuchs

Mentor: Elizabeth Kantor

Hannah is a public health and applied statistics double major at American University in Washington, DC. Last year, she studied abroad in Nairobi, Kenya, which piqued her interest in international health disparities affecting those with chronic diseases. In her free time, she enjoys painting, photography, and playing music on her college radio show.

Project: Understanding the association between B12 vitamin intake and B12 blood levels: The role of smoking and gender.


Hector Moran


Mentor: Yuelin Li

Hector Moran is a rising senior majoring in bioinformatics & Afro/Latino studies at Hunter College. He plans on pursuing a career in biostatistics with the hope of applying rigorous methodology and analysis to health disparities research, while also incorporating anti-racism into science. Hector enjoys r&b music, cooking, reading fiction, and watching Marvel movies.

Project: Sample Selection Model in a Smoking Cessation Missing Data Analysis


Amy Pitts


Mentor: Sujata Patil

Amy is a rising senior at Marist College double majoring in Applied Mathematics and Data Analytics while minoring in Computer Science. Along with her heavy course load, she is the treasurer of the Marist College Equestrian team, the President of the Association for Women in Mathematics chapter and Pi Mu Epsilon chapter at Marist, and the Vice-President of the Marist Math Club.  She is extremely excited to explore her interests in math and data science at MSK while living in a big city.

Project: Missing Data in Cancer Studies




Mohammed Rahman

Mentor: Aaron Mitchell

Mohammed is a senior at Hunter College and is from Queens, NY. He is interested in applying machine learning methods for cancer research. His goal is to perform research that forwards clinical practices in oncology. He enjoys listening to music and watching sci-fi movies. After a few years working in a healthcare setting, he looks forward to applying for a Ph.D. in Biostatistics.

Project: Increasing Financial Payments from Industry to Medical Oncologists in the United States, 2014-2017



Allison Reiner

Mentor: Kay See Tan

Allison attends college in upstate New York, near the Canadian border (St. Lawrence University). She spent the spring semester studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she lived with a Danish host family. She really enjoy traveling and exploring new places. Allison hopes to attend graduate school in biostatistics upon finishing her undergraduate degree.

Project: Relationship between Immune Markers and Overall Survival in NSCLC Patients



Yixuan (Sherry) Wu

Mentor: Jaya Satagopan

Yixuan (Sherry) Wu is a rising junior in Georgetown University, majoring in Psychology and Mathematics on the statistics track. She works as a research assistant in Georgetown’s Math and Stats department and plans to pursue graduate studies in Statistics. Sherry enjoys playing the piano in the university’s chamber music group, horseback riding, travelling, and watching sports.

Project: Modeling Survival Data



Crystal Zang

Mentor: Ed Reznik

Crystal studies Mathematics, Statistical & Data Science at Smith College. She is interested in solving biomedical problems using machine learning. She plans to pursue graduate studies in Biostatistics. She is from Shanghai, China. One of her career goals is to research women’s health and raise awareness of women’s health issues in China. She also enjoys dancing salsa.

Project: Prediction of Unmeasured Features in Metabolomics Data Across Cancer Types



Sunny Zhong

Mentor: Venkat Seshan

Sunny is a rising senior at Cornell University, majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Health Policy. With the plan to pursue graduate studies, she hopes to contribute to biostatistics research with applications to medicine and health disparity. She is from New York City, and enjoys cooking, trying out new food spots, and studying in cozy cafes.

Project: Determinants of Dose Modifications in the Treatment of Liver Metastases



Xiaobin Zhou

Mentor: Margaret Du

Xiaobin is a junior at Agnes Scott College, majoring in Public Health and Math, and minoring in music. She is interested in molecular epidemiology in cancer research. She wants to pursue a PhD in biostatistics or epidemiology, and become a global health researcher and practitioner. In her spare time, she likes travelling, tennis and playing the violin.

Project: Association between tooth loss and cancer mortality: NHANES 1999-2015


2018 Fellows

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Nicholas Hartman

Nicholas Hartman
Nicholas is a rising senior at Cornell University, majoring in Biometry and Statistics. He is interested in biostatistics with applications to health and medicine. He hopes to pursue a PhD in biostatistics and contribute to research within the health sector. His hometown is Sea Cliff, NY, and he enjoys playing basketball.

Mentor: Sara Olson

Project: Age at onset of pancreatic cancer in relation to risk factors


David Hong

David Hong
David is a rising senior at Cornell University, majoring in Policy Analysis and Management. He was born in South Korea and raised in Hong Kong, and served as a translator in the U.S. Air Force for two years. His interests include East Asian culture and history, solving riddles, going to escape rooms, and playing board games. He plans to pursue graduate studies in statistics.

Mentor: Allison Snyderman

Project: Measures of hospitals’ quality: how do they relate?


Elly Kipkogei

Elly Kipkogei
Elly is a senior at Cornell University, majoring in Biometry and Statistics. Elly received the Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award (Statistics) in May 2018. He plans to pursue graduate studies in applied statistics, and his goal is to become a professor of medical biostatistics. His role model in statistics is Sir David Cox, known for the Cox proportional hazard model. He enjoys  cooking, especially Kenyan, Mexican, and Indian cuisine.

Mentor: Audrey Mauguen

Project: Simulation study of variable selection methods for survival analysis


Chase Latour

Chase Latour
Chase is a rising senior at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in Mathematics on the statistics track and Anthropology, with an emphasis on global health.  She hopes to pursue graduate studies in biostatistics and epidemiology.  She is from Carbondale, IL, where she likes to hike, swim, and play with her dog.

Mentor: Margaret Du

Project Title: Association Between Age at Last Birth and Maternal Telomere Length


Christine Lin

Christine Lin
Christine is a rising senior at Cornell University, majoring in Biometry and Statistics. On campus, she works as a research assistant in Cornell’s Laboratory of Rational Decision Making, and she skates on the synchronized skating team. She hails from central NJ. 

Mentor: Malcom Pike

Project Title: Mammographic background parenchymal enhancement and risk of breast cancer


Antara Mondal

Antara Mondal
Antara is senior at Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in Statistics. She is interested in applications of statistics to chronic and congenital illnesses. She hopes to pursue graduate studies in biostatistics. She is from Philadelphia, where she enjoys trying new foods and going to concerts.

Mentor: Elizabeth Kantor

Project Title: Association Between Use of Fish Oil Supplements and Inflammation


Margaret Steiner

Margaret Steiner
Margaret is a rising junior at George Washington University, majoring in Applied Mathematics. She works in a computational biology lab and serves as Editor-in-Chief of the university’s undergraduate research journal. She hopes to pursue graduate studies in biostatistics. She is originally from The Woodlands, Texas.

Mentor: Venkat Seshan

Project Title: Estimating tumor fraction from shallow whole genome sequencing


Srinivas Sunil

Srinivas Sunil
Srinivas is a rising senior at Duke University, majoring in Statistics and in Mathematics. He works as a research assistant in the university’s statistics department. He likes to travel, try new and exotic foods, and spend time outdoors.

Mentor: Zhigang Zhang, Debra Goldman

Project Title: Statistical Analysis of Cancer Data from Radiation Oncology


Sarah Szvetecz

Sarah Szvetecz
Sarah is a rising senior at James Madison University, majoring in Statistics. She currently serves as president of the American Statistical Association Student Chapter at James Madison. She enjoys listening to music, spending time with friends, and going to concerts. Upon graduation, Sarah intends to attend graduate school to study biostatistics.

Mentor: Li-Xuan Qin

Project Title: Exploring different link functions of hierarchical clustering and their sensitivity to handling effects in microarray data


Aijin Wang

Aijin Wan
Aijin is a rising senior at Carnegie Mellon University, majoring Statistics and Machine Learning. Music and photography are her biggest passions. She also likes crime shows, soccer, and hockey.

Mentor: Ronglai Shen

Project Title: Applying statistical machine learning methods to cancer genomics