Health Behavior Change & Cancer Risk Reduction Laboratory

Jamie S. Ostroff, PhD, Director

Health beliefs and behaviors are critically important to virtually all cancer prevention and control efforts, including reduction in cancer risk behaviors, adherence to cancer screening guidelines, treatment decision-making, and cancer risk assessment and communication. Current research activities focus on several behavioral and psychosocial aspects of cancer prevention and control, particularly the prevention and control of tobacco-related cancers through early detection and smoking cessation.

Jamie S. Ostroff, PhD -- Chief, Behavioral Sciences Service; Director, Tobacco Treatment Program

Jamie S. Ostroff

Joseph Gaumont Chair of Cancer Prevention

Thomas Atkinson, PhD

Thomas Atkinson

Assistant Attending Behavioral Scientist

Lisa Carter-Harris

Lisa Carter-Harris

Associate Attending Behavioral Scientist; Director, Tobacco Cessation Research Program

Yuelin Li, PhD

Yuelin Li

Behavioral Scientist