Computer Science Internship Program (CSIP) 

MSK is leading the way in applying computational methods to the toughest problems in biology and medicine. Join us.

Calling all computer science graduate students with an interest in biology.

Apply your skills to the latest biological big-data challenges with a computational biology internship at one of the top cancer research institutes in the world. As part of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Computer Science Internship Program (CSIP) for computer science graduate students, you will be integrated into a cutting-edge research lab, where you will help develop algorithms for data interpretation, with the goal of improving human health and advancing biological knowledge.

Research opportunities include projects at the forefront of biological imaging, computational chemistry, genomics, ecological and evolutionary modeling as well as many other subject areas. You will have access to rich data sets derived from MSK’s patient population. Join this innovative program if you are eager to learn and want to make an impact in a mission-driven biomedical realm.

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Discover how computational biologists are making a difference in oncology at MSK.
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Computational biologist Dana Pe'er

Dana Pe’er, Chair of the Computational and Systems Biology Program in the Sloan Kettering Institute

Participating Faculty

Interns will work closely with a faculty member of their choosing. Participating faculty include members of the Computational and Systems Biology Program in the Sloan Kettering Institute as well as members of the Computational Oncology Service within the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics in Memorial Hospital.

Eligibility Requirements

All candidates must meet the following conditions:

  • active enrollment in a masters or PhD program in computer science, data science, electrical engineering, applied mathematics, or similar field
  • strong background in computer science, machine learning, or statistics
  • interest in applying algorithmic approaches to biological questions
  • US citizen, permanent resident, or visa holder allowing work in the United States. MSK cannot sponsor visas for this internship.

Ideal but not strictly required:

  • publication in a computer science, data science, or machine-learning field
  • some experience with high-throughput sequencing data
  • basic knowledge of molecular biology

Internship Goals

CISP interns will:

  • contribute substantively to an advanced algorithmic project centered around biological data analysis
  • opportunities include focus on data science and statistical modeling, bioinformatics, and software engineering
  • obtain firsthand experience with the latest challenging data sets in biology or biomedicine
  • attend departmental seminars, journal clubs, and other educational opportunities
  • Internships span 3-9 months and can be started at any time in the calendar year.

Housing & Benefits

  • Furnished apartments in New York City will be available to rent.
  • Competitive compensation offered.
  • No medical benefits will be provided; interns need to maintain student benefit coverage.
man sitting at computer

Senior scientist Peter Schueffler

man and woman sitting at computer

Computational biologists Michael Berger and Helen Won

Computational biologist Christina Leslie and trainees

Computational biologist Christina Leslie (right) with members of her lab


Application Details

Applications will ask for basic demographic information, CV, GitHub links to original code, and a personal statement (2000 words max) answering these questions: Why would you like to do an internship in a computational cancer biology lab? What do you hope to gain from the experience? What experience prepares you for this program (be specific about special interests and skills)? What are your career goals?

Upon rolling review of applications, you will be contacted directly for a phone/Skype interview and to seek references.

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