Compensation, Benefits & Resources

Our postdocs enjoy competitive compensation and benefits. We also have an extensive support program to help you get settled after your arrival in New York City, and manage your work and professional life successfully throughout your training.

Starting Salary and Term Limits

The baseline entry-level salary for postdoctoral fellows is $50,000 per year. Annual salaries or stipends increase depending on the number of years of relevant postdoctoral training experience a person has.

Memorial Sloan Kettering postdoctoral researchers hold appointments as Research Fellows, Research Scholars, or Research Associates. Postdoctoral researchers can hold appointments for a maximum of five years as a research fellow and/or research scholar, and a maximum of five years as a Research Associate.  In aggregate, at the three ranks, a postdoc may not be appointed for more than eight years in total.

Learn more about appointment levels, compensation, and taxation guidelines for postdocs.


All postdocs are eligible for medical and dental insurance, time off, parental leave, and related benefits. A childcare facility with discounted rates is also available for postdocs residing in Memorial Sloan Kettering housing on Roosevelt Island.

Postdocs appointed as Research Scholars or Research Associates can contribute a portion of their pre-tax salary toward a retirement plan and to pay for transportation expenses related to their commute to and from work.

Some additional benefits — including life insurance, long-term disability, and an employer-sponsored retirement plan — are available to Research Associates.

Immigration Services

Our Immigration Services Department handles all work-related immigration issues. We are available to help postdoctoral researchers obtain and maintain their ability to live and work in the United States during their employment.

Work/Life Support

We offer programs to help postdoctoral trainees effectively balance their personal and work lives. For example, we provide backup care for children and elderly relatives, affordable childcare at Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Children’s Center (for Roosevelt Island residents), purchasing discounts for shopping and entertainment, and lactation rooms for new mothers at several locations.

We also offer services to help staff cope with personal or work-related problems. Counselors are available to provide short-term counseling, crisis intervention, and referrals to resources that can help with stress, relationship and family matters, loss, depression, anxiety, financial challenges, health concerns, and other issues.

Memorial Sloan Kettering also maintains a resource and referral service that can provide postdoctoral researchers information on work/life matters such as child care, pet care, health, and wellness.