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Videos for Survivors

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The following are videos of selected meetings, lectures, and discussions designed to assist in adjustment to life after cancer treatment.

Each program is tailored to a specific aspect of living well after cancer. These programs are sponsored by our Resources for Life After Cancer program and CancerSmart lecture series.

Many of the videos below can be viewed in iTunes.


Coping and Survivorship after Cancer Treatment

MSKCC expert Jimmie Holland talks about the emotional impact of completing cancer treatment.


Fertility Options for Men Before and After Cancer Treatment

Urologist John Mulhull, director of the Male Sexual and Reproductive Medicine Program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, discusses fertility-preserving options for men of childbearing age who have cancer.


Female Sexual and Vaginal Health after Cancer Treatment

Cancer-related menopause can cause physical and emotional changes, says psychologist Jeanne Carter.


Day to Day Coping with Lymphedema

Lymphedema therapist Jeannette Zucker shares ways to cope with lymphedema, from diet and exercise to skin care and travel tips.


A Discussion About Post-Treatment Changes in Thinking and Memory

Learn how cancer treatments can impact the body and mind.


Cancer Survivorship

Our experts describe the latest approaches to managing a variety of side effects from cancer treatment.


The Importance of Exercise in Cancer Survivorship

MSK physical therapists explain symptoms of cancer fatigue syndrome and how exercise can have positive effects on your health during cancer survivorship.


A Journey Through Cancer: A Doctor's Perspective

Breast imaging specialist Laura Liberman shares her personal strategies for coping with cancer treatment.