Survivorship & Follow-Up Care


Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Survivorship and Follow-Up Care Programs can help you lead a healthy, active life after cancer as well as manage any problems related to your cancer therapy.

Adult Survivorship Program 
MSK’s Adult Survivorship Program offers comprehensive services to people who have completed cancer treatment. The program focuses not only on cancer screening but also on overall health and wellness. Most survivors in our program were diagnosed as adults.

Adult Long-Term Follow-Up Program
This program is for survivors of childhood and young-adult cancers. Many people with these diseases have ongoing medical and psychological concerns. Most people in our program were diagnosed before age 40 and have either transitioned to us from our Pediatric Long-Term Follow-Up Program or were referred to us by an MSK treatment team. Our team of experts helps people manage late effects of cancer and cancer therapies, which can arise many years after treatment is over.

Pediatric Long-Term Follow-Up Program
This program is available to children, adolescents, and young adults up to age 21 who have been off treatment for one to two years. The team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, a nurse, a nutritionist, a social worker, a neuropsychologist, and a physiatrist, who work together to care for patients. Most of our patients are referred by their treatment team at MSK, although we do accept survivors treated elsewhere.