Junting Zheng, MS

Research Biostatistician II

Junting Zheng, MS

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University of Iowa

Current Research Interests

Ms. Zheng primarily collaborates with researchers in bone marrow transplant (BMT) and radiology. She works with Dr. Heller on a variety of projects including 1) exploring the effect of KIR ligands and HLA genotypes for patients with neuroblastoma, and 2) using joint model to analyze longitudinally measured markers for immune recovery and survival outcomes for the patients undergone BMT. She also works with Dr. Moskowitz on radiology service to access measurement of accuracy and to evaluate detection improvement with recent advanced techniques in MRI and CT scans, mainly for patients with prostate cancer and patients with renal cortical tumors.

Ms. Zheng also collaborates on basic science research studies and many other clinical projects including lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, and lymphoma. Her Research interests include longitudinal survival joint model, mixed effects model, estimating ROC curve as well as evaluating covariates effect on the measurement of accuracy.


Selected Bibliography

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