Katherine Panageas, DrPH

Associate Attending Biostatistician

Katherine Panageas, DrPH

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Columbia University

Current Research Interests

Dr. Panageas is involved in the analysis of cluster correlated data and random effects models in the context of health services research. She is currently involved in developing a framework for hospital profiling in cancer care in collaboration with colleagues from the Center for Health Policy and Outcomes. Profiling hospitals and/or physicians based on the quality of care they provide to patients is a priority for policy makers, payers, and the public. Her future research in this area involves evaluating risk-standardized outcomes as performance metrics after major cancer surgery across all US hospitals. The goal is to recommend a practical and technically sound statistical approach that is credible and transparent to identify providers as good or poor performers in relation to benchmarks of performance. Dr. Panageas primarily collaborates with clinical investigators from the Melanoma Service and the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery to design and analyze prospective and retrospective studies to evaluate treatment strategies including immuno-therapies, explore various biomarkers, develop prediction models and develop models to estimate the risk of developing distant metastasis or local tumor. She is co-Principal Investigator along with neuro-oncologist Dr. Diamond of an observational registry study of patients with Erdheim-Chester Disease (ECD) to collect baseline and follow-up clinical and patient-centered data. She also serves as the co-PI of a study to evaluate the unmet supportive care needs of patients with ECD as well as their informal caregivers. She is a member of the MSK Brain Tumor Center. She serves on the editorial board of Clin Cancer Res, JNCI and JNCI Cancer Spectrum.


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