Kay See Tan, PhD

Assistant Attending Biostatistician
Kay See Tan, PhD


University of Pennsylvania

Current Research Interest 

Dr. Tan’s research focuses on the joint modeling of longitudinal and recurrent-event data, particularly when an adverse event triggers outcome assessment in-between prescheduled follow-up visits. Her methods estimate covariate-outcome associations when observation times may depend on outcome values and unmeasured patient-level characteristics to ensure patients with more observations are not over-represented in the analysis. She is also interested in methodological issues pertaining to patient-reported measures such as perioperative pain and anxiety, propensity score methods in the presence of missing data, cause of death misclassifications, and statistical issues surrounding critical care outcomes. Dr. Tan serves as the biostatistician for the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care as well as the Thoracic Surgery Service. She is the lead statistician of preclinical and clinical studies that investigate immune-related biomarkers to predict clinical outcomes among lung cancer patients. She is also a member of the Cellular Therapeutic Center at MSK focusing on the designs and analyses of clinical trials utilizing CAR T cells and other immunotherapies for solid tumors. In addition, Dr. Tan is actively involved in the areas of statistical literacy and statistics education and co-directs the department’s Quantitative Science Undergraduate Research Experience (QSURE) summer internship program.


Selected peer-reviewed publications:

  1. Impact of increasing age on cause-specific mortality and morbidity in patients with stage I non–small-cell lung cancer: A competing risks analysis. T Eguchi, S Bains, MC Lee, KS Tan, B Hristov, DH Buitrago, MS Bains, … Journal of Clinical Oncology 35 (3), 281-290
  2. Spread through Air Spaces (STAS) Is an Independent Predictor of Recurrence and Lung Cancer–Specific Death in Squamous Cell Carcinoma. S Lu, KS Tan, K Kadota, T Eguchi, S Bains, N Rekhtman, PS Adusumilli, …Journal of Thoracic Oncology 12 (2), 223-234
  3. HPV‐related oropharyngeal cancer: Risk factors for treatment failure in patients managed with primary transoral robotic surgery. JM Kaczmar, KS Tan, DF Heitjan, A Lin, PH Ahn, JG Newman, …Head & neck 38 (1), 59-65
  4. Trends in critical care beds and use among population groups and medicare and medicaid beneficiaries in the United States: 2000–2010. NA Halpern, DA Goldman, KS Tan, SM Pastores. Critical care medicine 44 (8), 1490-1499
  5. Regression modeling of longitudinal data with outcome‐dependent observation times: extensions and comparative evaluation. KS Tan, B French, AB Troxel. Statistics in medicine 33 (27), 4770-4789

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