Ronglai Shen, PhD

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University of Michigan

Current Research Interests

Dr. Shen’s research interest lies in developing statistical and computational genomics approaches and applications to translational cancer research. She has developed data integration methods for defining molecular subtypes of cancer and associated biomarkers across multiple “omic” data types simultaneously characterizing genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic aberrations in a tumor. Her method has been used for integrative subtype analysis of breast, prostate, lung, stomach, endometrial, skin, and liver cancer in large-scale cancer genome consortium studies including the NCI/NHGRI Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and the Canada-UK Molecular Taxonomy of Breast Cancer International Consortium (METABRIC). Her recent work focuses on tumor clonal heterogeneity analysis. Together with Dr. Venkatraman Seshan, she has developed methods to unravel allele-specific copy number aberrations and clonal heterogeneity within a tumor from DNA sequencing of tumor-normal pairs that can be applied to whole-genome, whole-exome and capture sequencing platforms. Its application has shed light on the clonal status of somatic mutations and copy number alterations in lung and breast cancers as a biomarker for disease progression. Her recent research interest also includes basket trial design for biomarker-driven clinical trials in collaboration with Drs. Kristen Cunanan, Mithat Gonen, Colin Begg, and Alexia Iasonos.


Shen R, Olshen AB, Ladanyi M. (2009) Integrative clustering of multiple genomic data types using a joint latent variable model with application to breast and lung cancer subtype analysis. Bioinformatics. 25:2906-12. PMCID: PMC2800366

Shen R, Wang S, Mo Q. (2012) Sparse integrative clustering of multiple omics data sets. Annals of Applied Statistics. 7:269-294. PMCID: PMC3935438

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Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network (R. Shen co-author). (2014) Comprehensive molecular profiling of lung adenocarcinoma. Nature. 511:543-550.

Paik PK, Shen R*, Won H, Rekhtman N, Wang L, Sima CS, Arora A, Seshan, V, Ladanyi M, Berger MF and Kris, MG. (2015) Next generation sequencing of stage IV squamous cell lung cancers reveals an association of PI3K aberrations and evidence of clonal heterogeneity in patients with brain metastasesCancer Discovery. 5(6):610-21. * Co-first author.

Shen R, Seshan VE. (2016) FACETS: allele-specific copy number and clonal heterogeneity analysis tool for high-throughput DNA sequencing. Nucleic Acids Res. 44(16):e131

Cunanan KM, Gonen M, Shen R, Hyman DM, Riely GJ, Begg CB, Iasonos A. (2016) Basket Trials in Oncology: A Trade-Off Between Complexity and Efficiency. J Clin Oncol. [Epub ahead of print]

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