Sohrab Shah, PhD

Chief of Computational Oncology

Sohrab Shah


PhD, The University of British Columbia

Sohrab Shah is the Chief of Computational Oncology in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Dr. Shah received a PhD in computer science from The University of British Columbia in 2008 and developed his research program in computational biology at BC Cancer Agency and the University of British Columbia starting in 2010. His research focuses on developing and using computational methods to understand cancer initiation and evolution. This encompasses advanced machine learning and Bayesian statistical methods to analyze and interpret large scale datasets in cancer research. At MSK, Dr. Shah is building new and innovative capacity in computational methods across the spectrum of data intensive research activity. This includes multi-modal data integration such as genomics and imaging, high resolution single cell genomics, and transcriptomics. His translational focus lies in breast cancer and ovarian cancer, in which he has pioneered discovery of prognostic mutational signatures and large scale studies of mutational landscapes of these cancers. Dr. Shah is a former Canada Research Chair and is a Komen Scholar.