Varadan Sevilimedu, DrPH

Principal Biostatistician
Varadan Sevilimedu,


Georgia Southern University

Current Research Interest

Dr. Sevilimedu currently collaborates with the Department of Breast Surgery and the Department of Breast Radiology. His role in these collaborations entails studying and analyzing the role of less invasive surgical interventions in providing optimal survival for breast cancer patients, in comparison to invasive surgeries, through the application Survival Analysis; analyzing longitudinal quality of life outcomes among patients undergoing breast surgery; estimating the incidence of lymphedema post-surgery and analyzing the biological and demographic factors associated with it; analyzing the feasibility and accuracy of new diagnostic modalities in diagnosing breast cancer; improving upon existing systems of prognostic classification by addition of newly available quantitative parameters. Dr. Sevilimedu’s secondary collaborative research entails the field of Radiology on a wider scale, where he strives to develop newer prognostic classification criteria for diseases such as colorectal cancer and melanoma, by delineating – using cluster analysis – previously undiscovered patterns of metastases. His methodological research interests include investigating measurement error correction techniques and studying their applicability to different statistical distributions; tailoring novel data-driven survival models to improve the efficiency of parameter estimation and conducting literature reviews pertaining to Measurement Error.


Selected peer-reviewed publications:

  1. Zhang, J. Q., Montagna, G., Sevilimedu, V., Abbate, K., Charyn, J., Mehrara, B., … Barrio, A. V. (2022). Longitudinal Prospective Evaluation of Quality of Life After Axillary Lymph Node Dissection. Ann Surg Oncol. doi:10.1245/s10434-022-11623-z
  2. Ochoa-Albiztegui RE, Sevilimedu V*, Horvat JV, et al. Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 7T for Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Characterization. Cancers (Basel). 2020;12(12). (*Co first author)
  3. Sevilimedu, V., & Yu, L. (2022). Simulation extrapolation method for measurement error: A review. Stat Methods Med Res, 09622802221102619. doi:10.1177/09622802221102619
  4. Sevilimedu V, Ma S, Hartigan P, Kyriakides TC. An Application of the Cure Model to a Cardiovascular Clinical Trial.      Statistics in Biosciences. 2020.
  5. Sevilimedu V, Yu L, Samawi H, Rochani H. Application of the Misclassification Simulation Extrapolation Procedure to Log-Logistic Accelerated Failure Time Models in Survival Analysis. Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice. 2018;13:24.