Gunes Gundem

Research Fellow

Gunes Gundem, Postdoctoral Fellow

Gunes Gundem’s research focuses on the study of tumour genome from the point of view of understanding subclonal structure and how it changes across time and space. She is particularly interested in the study of advanced stages of the neoplastic process such as metastasis or when patients relapse in response to therapy and how changes in clonal dynamics is related to these transitions. With an undergraduate background in molecular biology and genetics, Gunes has been developing strong computational and bioinformatic skills for high-throughput data analysis with a special focus in next-generation sequencing data. She completed her undergraduate degree in Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. After finishing a Master’s degree in computational science in Koc University in Istanbul, she did her graduate studies under the supervision of Dr. Nuria Lopez Bigas in Barcelona. She later on moved to Cambridge, UK, where she spent more than 3 years working as a post-doctoral scientist as part of the ICGC UK Prostate project in Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, one of the leading genome centers in the world. Gunes has recently joined the Papaemmanuil lab as a post-doctoral fellow.


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