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Dr. Jian Carrot-Zhang, PhD, is a new Assistant Member in the Computational Oncology Service. Her research focuses on understanding germline-somatic interactions in multi-ethnic populations. She develops computational and statistical approaches to characterize ancestral effects on the cancer genomes. Dr. Carrot-Zhang holds a joint appointment in the Clinical Genetics Service of the Department of Medicine to bridge the gap between germline genetics and somatic genomics. She has also led multiple research projects in collaboration with The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) research network. Dr. Carrot-Zhang obtained her PhD in Human Genetics from McGill University and has trained at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as a postdoctoral research fellow with Dr. Matthew Meyerson. Prior to MSKCC, she was an Instructor in Medicine in Harvard Medical School. Dr. Carrot-Zhang authored many publications in high-ranking journals and holds several awards including a K99 Award from NCI and a Banting Fellowship from CIHR.


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