One of the Center for Cell Engineering’s primary objectives is to bring together researchers who are investigating both immune engineering and stem cell biology. The members of the CCE include physicians and scientists from the Sloan Kettering Institute’s programs of Immunology, Molecular PharmacologyCell Biology and Developmental Biology, and Memorial Hospital’s departments of Medicine, Neurosurgery, Pediatrics, Surgery, and Clinical Laboratories.

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Executive Committee
Pictured: Michel Sadelain
Michel Sadelain

Stephen and Barbara Friedman Chair; Director, Center for Cell Engineering

Pictured: Richard O'Reilly
Richard J. O'Reilly
Pictured: Dr. Lorenz Studer
Lorenz Studer

Director, Center for Stem Cell Biology

David Scheinberg
David A. Scheinberg

Chair, Center for Experimental Therapeutics, MSK; Deputy Director, Sloan Kettering Institute, for Therapeutic Discovery

Main Image_Prasad Adusumilli
Prasad S. Adusumilli

Professor and Deputy Chief, Thoracic Service; Vice Chair for Translational Research, Dept. of Surgery; Co-Director, MSK Mesothelioma Program; Min H. and Yu-Fan C. Kao Chair in Thoracic Cancers

David J. Chung, MD, PhD
David J. Chung

Director, Adult Bone Marrow Transplantation Fellowship Program

Memorial Sloan Kettering Pediatric Oncologist Kevin J. Curran
Kevin J. Curran

Associate Attending Pediatrician

Memorial Sloan Kettering hematologic oncologist Mark Geyer
Mark B. Geyer

Adolescent and Young Adult Program Leader, Leukemia Service; Adult Lymphoblastic Leukemia Program Leader, Leukemia Service; Chair, Quality Assessment, Cellular Therapy Service

Sergio A. Giralt, MD
Sergio A. Giralt

Deputy Division Head, Division of Hematologic Malignancies; Melvin Berlin Family Chair in Multiple Myeloma; Chief Medical Officer, MSK Direct

Katharine C. Hsu, MD, PhD
Katharine C. Hsu

Professor of Medicine

Pictured: Danwei Huangfu
Danwei Huangfu
Pictured: Michael Kharas
Michael G. Kharas
Memorial Sloan Kettering breast medical oncologist Christopher Klebanoff
Christopher A. Klebanoff

Laboratory Head, Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program (HOPP); Member Investigator, Center for Cell Engineering

Jae Park, MD
Jae Park

Chief, Cellular Therapy Service

Karlo Perica
Karlo Perica

Assistant Attending Physician

Pictured: Vladimir Ponomarev
Vladimir Ponomarev
Susan F. Slovin, MD, PhD
Susan F. Slovin

Associate Vice Chair, Academic Affairs, Department of Medicine

Pictured: Viviane Tabar
Viviane Tabar
Pictured: Xiuyan Wang
Xiuyan Wang

Associate Director

Memorial Sloan Kettering Hematologic Oncologist James W. Young
James W. Young

Attending Physician