Purported Benefits, Side Effects & More


Purported Benefits, Side Effects & More

Common Names

  • Gaston Naessens 714X
  • 714-X
  • Naessens 714X

For Patients & Caregivers

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What is it?

There is no scientific evidence to support the use of 714X for cancer prevention or treatment.

714X is a chemical mixture that was developed by Gaston Naessens, a French biologist from Canada. Although several claims have been made for 714X, such as cancer regression and revitalizing the immune system, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found that 714X contains relatively inactive ingredients: 94% water, 5% nitrate, and tiny amounts of sodium, chloride, and camphor. Whereas such a mixture may not be harmful to the body, there are no data to show that 714X can treat cancer or AIDS.

What are the potential uses and benefits?

Evidence is lacking to support the following claims:

  • To prevent and treat cancer
  • To treat chronic fatigue syndrome
  • To treat AIDS
  • To treat lupus
  • To relieve muscle pain
What are the side effects?

Injection site reactions: redness, swelling, and soreness

What else do I need to know?

Patient Warnings:

  • 714X is illegal in the United States. The FDA has prosecuted Americans caught selling this product.

For Healthcare Professionals

Scientific Name
Trimethylaminohydroxybicycloheptane chloride
Clinical Summary

A proprietary product developed in the 1960s, 714X is used to prevent and treat cancer, AIDS, lupus, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. It is promoted as a sterile, isotonic formulation that contains nitrates (~5%), ammonium (~1.4%), and camphor (0.01%) (1). It is illegal in the United States and is available only in Canada under the Compassionate Use Program (2).

714X is injected intra-lymphatically in the groin area daily for 21 days followed by three treatment-free days. This cycle is repeated at least three times. Inhalation therapy is used concomitantly for patients with head and neck or lung cancer. Injection site reactions, including redness and soreness, may occur (1) (2). 714X has not been evaluated for any of the proposed claims.

Purported Uses and Benefits
  • Cancer
  • Chronic fatigue
  • AIDS
  • Lupus
  • Pain
Mechanism of Action

Developed by Gaston Naessens, 714X is said to help disease regression, revitalize the immune system, and support host defense mechanisms. Promoters claim that camphor has selective affinity for cancer cells, while nitrate fulfills cancer cells’ nitrogen requirement, thereby protecting immune cells. The nitrogen-enriched camphor supposedly antagonizes the secretion of cocancerogenic K factor by cancer cells (1) (2). There are no data to support the above mechanisms of action nor benefits of this product.

Adverse Reactions

Injection site reactions: redness, inflammation, and soreness (1)

Herb-Drug Interactions

According to Cerbe, Inc. the efficacy of 714X may decrease when administered concurrently with vitamin B12, vitamin E, and shark or bovine cartilage  (1)

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