Find a Merkel Cell Carcinoma Expert

At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, our skin cancer team includes specialists in surgery, head and neck cancers, radiation oncology, medical oncology, and dermatology. Each team member has expertise in evaluating and treating patients with cancers of the skin — including rare skin cancers like Merkel cell carcinoma. We also have experience in managing complex, multiple, and recurrent skin cancers. Receiving care from a team means that you can be confident that your skin cancer diagnosis will be accurate, your treatment will be as effective as possible, and you will have the best cosmetic outcome.

In addition to our main campus in Manhattan, Memorial Sloan Kettering also provides dermatology services at our state-of-the-art facilities in Hauppauge, Long Island, and Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

Select from the list below to learn more about our team of skin cancer experts, including their education, training, board certifications, publications, and specific areas of expertise.

Pictured: Charlotte Ariyan

Charlotte E. Ariyan

Memorial Sloan Kettering surgeon Edmund Bartlett

Edmund Bartlett

Memorial Sloan Kettering surgeon Danielle Bello

Danielle Bello

Mary Sue Brady, MD, FACS

Mary Sue Brady

Daniel G. Coit, MD, FACS

Daniel G. Coit

Pictured: Bhuvanesh Singh

Bhuvanesh Singh

Director, Laboratory of Epithelial Cancer Biology; Co-Director, Multidisciplinary Skin Cancer Management Program

Vivian T. Yin, MD, MPH, FRCSC

Vivian T. Yin

Pictured: Sandra D'Angelo

Sandra P. D'Angelo

Memorial Sloan Kettering medical oncologist Ciara Kelly

Ciara Kelly

David Paul Kelsen, MD -- Edward S. Gordon Chair in Medical Oncology

David Paul Kelsen

Edward S. Gordon Chair in Medical Oncology

Richard M. Gewanter, MD -- Chief, Commack/Rockville Center Radiation Oncology

Richard M. Gewanter

Memorial Sloan Kettering radiation oncologist Christopher Barker

Christopher A. Barker

Director of Clinical Investigation, Department of Radiation Oncology

Memorial Sloan Kettering radiation oncologist C. Jillian Tsai

C. Jillian Tsai

Director of Head and Neck Radiation Oncology Research

Yao Yu

Yao Yu

MSK pathologist Klaus Busam

Klaus J. Busam

Director, Dermatopathology Service; Director, Dermatopathology Fellowship Program

Pictured: Travis Hollmann, MD, PhD

Travis Hollmann

Director, Advanced Immunomorphology Platforms

MSK pathologist Melissa Pulitzer

Melissa P. Pulitzer