Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials


Researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering are developing new methods for assessing individuals with myeloma at the time of diagnosis. They use diagnostic tools, such as a microarray analysis (which analyzes the expression of thousands of genes) or DNA sequencing, to look for specific mutations thought to promote cancer progression. In doing so, our doctors are investigating ways to better determine your prognosis and the treatments most likely to benefit you.

MSK scientists are developing new agents for cancer treatment at a faster rate than at any time since chemotherapy drugs were introduced in the late 1940s. Relying in part on information that is emerging about the genetic basis of multiple myeloma, our investigators are pursuing a variety of strategies to find better drugs to control the disease.

Through clinical trials, our investigators are assessing the optimal timing and combinations of traditional chemotherapy drugs with immune-modifying drugs. Our researchers also continue to investigate newer proteasome inhibitors.

Here you can find a continually updated listing of MSK’s current clinical trials for multiple myeloma and related plasma cell diseases.

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