Multiple Myeloma Treatment


If you have been diagnosed with active multiple myeloma, your doctors will determine the best course of treatment for you. This may include chemotherapy, immune-modifying drugs or other medications, or stem cell transplantation. Often, several different drugs are given in combination. The treatment you receive will depend on the stage of myeloma and the characteristics of your individual disease.

We also offer an array of treatments and procedures to slow bone loss and support weight-bearing bones if you develop weak bones due to the progression of your disease.

If you have been diagnosed with smoldering myeloma, then our doctors will monitor you for signs that it is becoming active.

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Why Choose Memorial Sloan Kettering for Multiple Myeloma Treatment

Every patient at Memorial Sloan Kettering receives personalized treatment from a multidisciplinary team of experts. The team includes specialists in hematologic oncology, radiation oncology, radiology, pathology, bone marrow transplantation, and pain management. All of them are focused on caring for people with multiple myeloma.

Our team will meet regularly to discuss your diagnosis. We will work together to develop a treatment plan tailored to your stage of disease. Having many specialists ensures that all possible approaches are considered and that you will receive the best combination of treatments.

In addition, our nurses specialize in caring for people with multiple myeloma. They place your needs and preferences first. They collaborate with your doctors, administer therapies, monitor your treatment, watch for side effects, and offer emotional support.

Doctors at MSK are studying new therapies and ways to diagnose multiple myeloma in clinical trials. Many of our patients can receive novel treatments and diagnostic approaches that are not widely available elsewhere.

  • Multiple Myeloma Drugs and Chemotherapy
    Doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering use several classes of drugs to treat multiple myeloma. These include proteasome inhibitors, immune-modulating drugs, and chemotherapies. Learn more about these drugs and when they are used.
  • Stem Cell Transplant for Multiple Myeloma
    In a stem cell transplant — also called a bone marrow transplant — blood-forming stem cells are replaced by infusing new, healthy cells into the bloodstream. Read more about this treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering.
  • Bone-Related Problems in Multiple Myeloma
    Doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering use an array of treatments to slow bone loss and support weight-bearing bones as multiple myeloma progresses. Learn more about our approach.
  • Pain Management for Multiple Myeloma
    Many people with multiple myeloma experience some pain related to the disease, possibly from a bone fracture or due to a tumor pressing against a nerve. Learn how doctors and nurses at Memorial Sloan Kettering make pain control a priority.
  • Follow-Up Care for Multiple Myeloma
    After your treatment, specialists on Memorial Sloan Kettering’s multiple myeloma team will monitor you for signs that the cancer has returned, and they will help manage any side effects.