Sleep Medicine Program


Adequate and restful sleep is essential for healing and preventing illness. Sleep disturbances and insufficient sleep can affect quality of life, energy levels, libido, weight, and associated disorders (e.g., cardiac disease). The Sleep Medicine Program was established within the Pulmonary Service to address the important sleep needs of our patients.

We offer specialized care to our patients by collaborating with Integrative Medicine and Psychiatry to improve sleep for those who require the multidisciplinary effort. We provide various portable sleep devices to diagnose sleep apnea and low oxygen levels while asleep. Home sleep testing is convenient for patients who can be tested in the comfort of their own home. We will also coordinate in-laboratory sleep testing if needed.

We recognize that it is not only important to diagnose sleep disorders but also to help facilitate adherence to therapy. We have an on-site sleep technologist who can assist with positive airway pressure (PAP) acclimation for those who have difficulty adjusting to their PAP devices.

We have a strong commitment to both clinical excellence and clinical research. We are invested in exploring the interplay between sleep medicine and cancer. Our team is developing clinical trials to understand the relationship between sleep disturbances and cancer to help our patients rest better.