Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff


Our faculty and staff members are dedicated to caring for people with pulmonary problems caused by cancer and its treatment, to studying better ways to diagnose and treat these conditions, and to training physicians in pulmonology.

Mohit Chawla, MD, FCCP
Mohit Chawla

Chief, Pulmonary Service

Memorial Sloan Kettering pulmonologist Marc Feinstein
Marc B. Feinstein

Coordinator, Pulmonary Fellowship Clinical Research Program

Memorial Sloan Kettering Interventional Pulmonologist Bryan Husta
Bryan Husta

Director, Interventional Pulmonary Outpatient Services; Associate Program Director, Interventional Pulmonary Fellowship; Medical Director, Endobronchial Therapies

Memorial Sloan Kettering interventional pulmonologist Or Kalchiem-Dekel
Or Kalchiem-Dekel

Assistant Attending

Elvina Khusainova
Elvina Khusainova

Pulmonary Lead, SACU Ventilator Service

Liubou Korzun, MS, PA-C
Liubou Korzun

Physician Assistant

Robert P. Lee, MD
Robert P. Lee

Section Head, Section of Interventional Pulmonology; Program Director, Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship

Anthony Lumbad, MPAS, PA-C
Anthony Lumbad

Physician Assistant

Jean T. Santamauro
Jean T. Santamauro

Attending; Program Director-Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Program

Christina Sedberry
Christina Sedberry

Nurse Practitioner

Memorial Sloan Kettering pulmonologist Leontine van Elden
Leontine L.J. van Elden

Associate Attending Physician

Nicholas Vander Els, MD
Nicholas Vander Els

Medical Director, Pulmonary Function Laboratories