Pancreatic Tumor Registry

Pancreatic Tumor Registry


Study Objectives

  • To create a registry of pancreatic cancer patients and members of families where pancreatic cancer is common
  • To learn about the environmental and lifestyle factors that increase risk for pancreatic cancer
    • By comparing pancreatic cancer patients with controls without pancreatic cancer
    • By following family members over time
  • To collect and store blood and/or mouthwash specimens for genetic analysis
  • To offer family members a surveillance program for the possible early detection of pancreatic cancer

What Does this Study Involve?

  • An interview about lifestyle, exposures, and overall health
  • A questionnaire on family history of cancer
  • A blood sample or saliva sample for genetic analysis
  • For at-risk relatives who choose to take part in the surveillance study: a physical exam, body imaging, and endoscopic studies looking for pancreatic cancer

Why Study Pancreatic Cancer?

  • Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. In spite of this, relatively little is known about what causes this disease.
  • We are trying to identify environmental and genetic factors that affect risk in families and individuals with pancreatic cancer. We hope that by learning what causes this disease, we will be able to prevent it or diagnose it earlier.

For additional information find this protocol in our clinical trials database.


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