Pediatric Lymphomas Support Programs & Services

Pediatric Lymphomas Support Programs & Services

Massage therapist Rocco Caputo

Massage therapist Rocco Caputo is one of many members of the Integrative Medicine Service.

A lymphoma diagnosis can be overwhelming. Our experts understand the symptoms and possible side effects of treatment, including the social and psychological aspects of therapies and recovery.

Many children have received treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering for lymphoma. You may find it helpful to speak with other patients or families who have had similar experiences. Please ask your child’s care team to arrange for you to speak with some former patients and their families.

We also offer a broad range of support programs that help children, family members, and caregivers cope with the range of issues related to life during and after treatment.

Our Pediatric Psychosocial Support Team

Because cancer can affect children in many ways, we have a team of specialists dedicated to your child’s psychological and social needs. These professionals work together with our treatment teams to offer support to our patients and their family members as they deal with a cancer diagnosis.

Our psychosocial care team includes:

We also enlist the support of outside agencies, programs, and organizations to meet the needs of our families.

Our School Program

The Department of Pediatrics makes our school program a high priority. As one of 40 hospitals participating in a New York City Department of Education program called Hospital Schools, we have several full-time teachers who play an active role in educating our pediatric patients.

Our teachers, employed by the New York City Board of Education, help children and teens undergoing cancer treatment keep up with their studies and prepare for exams. We work closely with each child’s school and/or home instructor to enable a student to return to class after treatment with little or no loss of educational standing, and to prepare for required tests, including New York State Regents exams, SATs, and GEDs.

Child Life Services

Child life specialists are experts in human growth and development. Our staff has a variety of backgrounds and interests, including education, psychology, fine arts, and art therapy. We combine our skills and certifications to create comprehensive child life services that educate and empower patients and family members throughout an illness. The goal of our program is to help young patients and their families cope with and adjust to treatment.

Recreational Programming

Our programming gives patients the chance to participate in many of the usual activities that children, adolescents, and young adults enjoy. Under the direction of child life specialists, we offer a range of age-appropriate activities daily in the Pediatric Day Hospital and the inpatient unit. These are designed to provide our patients and their siblings with social environments and supportive ways to spend time in the hospital.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Children recovering from lymphoma treatment may need rehabilitation therapy. We offer physical and occupational therapies in inpatient and outpatient settings for our pediatric patients.

Integrative Medicine

Our child and young adult patients may also benefit from the therapies offered by our Integrative Medicine Service, which supports mainstream medical care by addressing the physical and emotional symptoms of cancer and its treatment. We offer music therapy, mind/body therapies, dance and movement therapy, yoga, and other services in inpatient and outpatient settings, and in groups or at the bedside.

Pediatric Pain & Palliative Care

The Pediatric Pain and Palliative Care Team (PACT) focuses on improving the quality of life of our young patients by treating pain and other symptoms using non-pharmacologic techniques, new medications, and innovative procedures. PACT works together with your primary oncology team and can be consulted during any stage of illness. 

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