Jessica Lavery, MS

Research Biostatistician
Jessica Lavery, Research Biostatistician


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Current Research Interest 

Jessica’s current research interests involve the analysis of data arising from electronic health records, including appropriately accounting for selection biases, integrating various data sources, and defining real-world endpoints. Much of this work arises from her role in the Statistical Coordinating Center for the American Association for Cancer Research Project Genomics Evidence Neoplasia Information Exchange Biopharma Collaborative (AACR Project GENIE BPC), a multi-institution initiative to build a pan-cancer repository of genomic and clinical data for patients with cancer. Together with Sammi Brown, Mike Curry and Axel Martin, the team is building an R package, {genieBPC}, to facilitate a data processing pipeline for these complex data. She also collaborates with the exercise oncology group, working to determine tolerable doses of exercise in patients with cancer, as well as the effect of exercise on patient outcomes. She also serves as Randomization Coordinator of the Biostatistics Service and is responsible for the design and maintenance of the treatment allocation schema for the Center’s randomized protocols. She is passionate about outreach to communities that are currently underrepresented in the field of biostatistics and is active in the department’s Bridge to Biostats committee. Jessica was the inaugural chair of the Biostatistics Service Social Media committee in 2021, creating the @MSKBiostats Twitter account and growing it to over 1,000 followers in one year. She continues to serve on that committee, while also serving on the social media committees for ENAR and the Caucus for Women in Statistics.